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We're Mike and Carrie happily married for 22 years!  Parents to six wonderful adult children who almost all of them have a spouse or future spouse, five of the six have kids. With that being said we are also the proud grandparents to eight kiddos ( with a set of twins in the mix).  With that many mouths to feed and take care of we felt that being business owners was the best fit for our family.  Over the years we have owned and operated businesses in different venues however, until we started marketing unique or collectible items at great prices those other businesses paid the bills but was far from satisfying.  

Once we started looking for the "not-so-common" items the challenge became helping others find and purchase unique items at a good cost that fits into their lifestyle!  Got Stuff then rose to that challenge by researching how we could help.  In turn we find items that may or may not be seen other places and we strive to keep the cost reasonable.

Along the journey we at one point were tied in with organizations such as "People with Disabilities" helping the disabled community do things that sometime society doesn't make allowances for such as clothing to go on a job interview, Got Stuff would donate the "interview clothing" just to give back a little for what God has given us.  Got stuff is very strong in the community as well,  for example helping collect donations for the school supplies, families struggling to have a Christmas to name a few.

At Got Stuff Collectibles & More we strive to bring the unique items at great prices and give back to our community, neighbors, customers and family.  

Thank you for taking a look at Got Stuff Collectibles & More, 

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Mike and Carrie

We look forward to you finding those unique and common items at great prices and hearing about it!


Got Stuff Colletibles & More

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